By Amanda Wallace

Photo by elleBelle Photography

A walk in faith is the desire of many people. Brooks Miley is one of those people, and she’s working to bring others on that walk with her. From international travel to an International ministry right here in Tallahassee, Brooks has her sights set on the whole world, even if she only travels as far as her backyard.

desire to help people directed

Brooks Miley into nursing, but the theology classes she took were what sparked something within her and she moved to the religion program, further confirming where her passion was. “I don’t want to be a pastor,” is the reply Brooks has at the ready when questioned about her pending degree in religion.
Her drive stems from believing that all people are called to service, but not all service looks the same or how we originally planned.

While in college, Brooks knew she wanted to travel overseas and followed mission opportunities whenever she felt called to go. But one trip took her to the last place she had planned on going and was the trip that solidified her passion and her life’s work. Over the course of a few months, Brooks was offered places on three different mission trips, all bound for China. Brooks turned down the first two, having no personal interest in work in China. But when the third trip was presented to her, she says, “I felt that it was God’s will that I go,” and signed up for the mission. 

The strict rules that China has in place regarding evangelism meant that Brooks and her team were heavily restricted on what they could say, do or even wear. Brooks felt an intense pressure upon leaving for the trip, worried that she would let fear and self-doubt keep her from making a difference. Now, when Brooks reflects on that trip, she is able to see the growth in her personal maturity and passion from having to overcome many obstacles, which has made her feel more secure in her career and missional path.

Although only 28, Brooks has experienced many milestones on her journey. She married her high school sweetheart, Chase, who is a Tallahassee firefighter, and together they have a son, Atticus, now one. Brooks and Chase’s life is full, but they work hard together to be sure Brooks can reach people in need close to home, as family life has slowed down her international travel. Her growing family has become the support system she needed to accomplish her dream of working in ministry every day.

Brooks’ missional walk is far from over, but her heart is full of the joy that serving the community can bring in her position as Missions Ministry Associate at Thomasville Road Baptist Church. “I’m Mom-Brooks!” Brooks takes great pride in her work with the college students in Tallahassee and admits that she and her husband always have several of them at their house, where they can be sure to
find a person to talk to and a home-cooked meal. 

Her newest mission is laying the foundation for an International ministry. Brooks, along with her small team of volunteers, are offering English as a Second Language classes once a week to people new to the country. As the program is growing, she has hopes to include classes for citizenship as well and is always looking for support from the community to help make this dream come true.

For information on becoming a part of the ministry work at Thomasville Road Baptist Church or to take part in the classes offered, contact Brooks by e-mail at