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August/September 2019

Tallahassee Woman Magazine’s August-September 2019 WE INSPIRE issue featuring cover woman, the elegant and beautiful Jean Thrasher, First Lady of FSU, is now available online! Read her inspirational story of Faith, Family and FSU. This issue celebrates many amazing and inspirational women from many diverse backgrounds. Check out all the exciting features of the WE INSPIRE issue… WE Inspire Women!

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Krishna Patel

Krishna Patel
Keeping Tradition Alive

By Jennifer Santana | Photography by Kinjal Patel

Although Tallahassee is an ever-growing city full of rich history and cultural diversity, it can be easy to overlook the wide range of diversity in our community when we’re not exposed to it regularly. Set in our individual routines and constantly surrounded by the communities we identify with, it’s very easy to miss the dozens of other communities that make our city so vibrant. (Continue reading)

Women Who Mean Business (WWMB)
2019 Award Winners

In this year of WE—Women Empowered it is with great honor that TWM presents the esteemed winners of the 2019 Women Who Mean Business Awards. In the categories of Legacy, Innovator, Torchbearer, Service, Entrepreneur and Rock Star, the winners embody the very best of the business and professional spectrum. We appreciate all of their efforts to uplift, inspire and empower all of us as we continue to celebrate female professionals and advocate for the advancement of all women in the workplace. Read more

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