Our House A Radical Remodel of a 1980s Home

by Sara Drier

It was 1981 when Gilbert Jr. and Bridget Chandler built their home in peaceful, wooded Betton Hills. Roughly two decades later, the home was passed down to their son Bert Chandler and his wife, Debi. The 1980s had made their mark with low ceilings, small living spaces, carpeted flooring, curtains with ruffles and  chintz fabric engulfing the home. However, the house was well built and in a sought after location, even if the interior of the house needed a modernized touch, so Bert and Debi agreed that selling the house would not be an option—it was, “Our House,” as the 1980s song by Madness suggests, and would always be a part of their family.

In order to update it to modern styles and trends, the couple hired Suzanne Whitaker, interior designer and owner of Suzanne’s Down Under and Whitaker Construction to help their dream home become a reality. Walls and ceilings were demolished to create a more open floor plan—the original 8-foot ceilings were doubled to enhance its grandeur. One of the most unique features of the remodel is the welcoming see-through fireplace, which adjoins the dining room and living room.