Back to the Future: 1980s Style is Forever Young

by Jordan Stinson

This year’s most talked about trends pay tribute to one of the most inventive and expressive clothing decades to date, with MTV videos being the runway for many iconic ’80s looks. Who can forget the video of Tiffany singing “I Think We’re Alone Now” at a mall in her oversized white-washed jean jacket, or Janet Jackson’s key earring and black combat apparel in, “Rhythm Nation,” or Olivia Newton John’s leotard aerobic wear and sweat band in, “Let’s Get Physical”? Even though these styles debuted almost thirty years ago, this mother (Erin Sumpter) and daughter (Jordan Stinson) duo proves that the 1980s were a fashion force to be reckoned with and that girls of the past, present and future just want to have fun with a style that is forever young.

Neon accents absolutely electrified the ’80s video fashion scene. Today you can wear it to brighten up your summer wardrobe, or to accessorize an all-white minimalist outfit. Stay forever young in your favorite jeans, which can be rocked all year ‘round in either loose boyfriend style or with a faded light-washed jacket.

Madonna, the quintessential Material Girl, rocked the material of leather in “Borderline.” Leather is a perfectly fierce transition piece that is worn as a jacket over an off-the-shoulder relaxed t-shirt, also an ’80s staple. Leather leggings (to pay homage to tights and leg warmers) with booties for the fall are also a trend that will transcend through the decades. Chunky accessories are a must-have for any occasion. The ’80s were known for making a statement with bold earrings and necklaces, and now “statement jewelry” is a go-to for completing any outfit.

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