The Beauty in the Branches

By Maria Elena Margarella

As a welcome sign for Christmas cheer, wreaths are hung on doors across our neighborhoods. But there’s so much more to this twiggy tradition. For instance, the circle is the wreath’s defining feature, and the shape itself represents unity and inclusion. At a time when loved ones gather to sing carols and sip eggnog, the circle indeed reflects how close we feel to our loved ones this season. Because the circle has no beginning or end, it embodies the cycle of the seasons and the promise that life goes on. It’s a beautiful and simple reminder that life endures. And there are so many different wreaths to help you beautify your front door! Wreaths made of holly symbolize protection and good luck, while those made of fir symbolize strength, friendship, and memory. Pine wreaths (with pinecones!) represent good health and prosperity, and if you want to add flowers, a floral touch signifies new life and spiritual growth. The well-known Poinsettia, called the Christmas Star or the Christmas Flower, is a symbol of good cheer and success. Hang a poinsettia wreath to make wishes of mirth and celebration; the flowers come in red, white, and pink. With a myriad of meanings beneath the wreaths, pick what best represents you and your family during this generous and loving season. Discover and display the beauty in the branches.