Spring Fashion Finder

By Maria Elena Margarella

The streets are your runways, so make every week Fashion Week with these peeks into what’s trending.

Flower Power: Floral patterns typically gain traction around this time of year and for good reason. We’re seeing buds blooming on maxi-dresses, extra-long shirts and both casual and professional blazers. Don’t shy away from floral

accessories either—anything from

hairpieces to pretty purses are known to pop with a little perennial love. Think color! Let nature inspire you, and blossom your personality.

Stripe Time: This trend is not just your classic vertical lines. It’s much more diverse. Color-blocking patterns, pop culture overlays and banker stripes have all stepped out this season. Different themes have also drawn their lines in the sand—er, fabric? Nautical, psychedelic, glitter glam and retro leather outfits are waiting for your closet. Go for it! Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, jagged—whatever direction they’re going, the stripes are going in style.

Work Wear Winners: We all know that the right work outfit helps us feel more confident in the workplace. This season’s trends are bound to beat the office blues. Shirt dresses with long sleeves command authority while retaining feminine flare. Trench coats with exaggerated buckles and extended silhouettes pair well with anything. The asymmetrical shoulder cut has also spread across the runways. Work your confidence! Colors to keep in mind: rose pink, yellow and the universally applicable khaki.

For More Than Just Athletes: As the number of female athletes increases in the nation, companies are trying to keep up. While this gives us more athletic wear overall, it’ll also contribute to the

continued rise of athleisure—a fashion trend in which clothing designed for athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as work or casual occasions. Yes, athleticism is now trendy. Strong is stylish! As the industry listens more to what workingwomen want, we benefit from these fashionable opportunities.