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Florida State Parks—Fall Day Trips

By Rebecca Pringle The Florida Panhandle is an amazing area, and Tallahassee is uniquely situated to take advantage of the best it has to offer. This includes Florida’s State Parks. Florida has one of the best state park systems in the country with over 170 parks throughout the state. With cooler temperatures and changing leaves, […]

3 Freeing Hair Cuts to Try This Summer

By Janecia Britt As the temperature rises, having long hair can feel unbearable and unmanageable. This is the time to let go of your inhibitions, be courageous and let the scissors decide on a new do’ for you. There are so many trendy styles out there but we’ve rounded up the trendiest styles for you […]

The Power of Abundance Philosophy: Cultivating Possibilities in the Workplace

By Dr. Michelle A. Mitcham, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, CFM Why is a business or personal philosophy so important? Are you living your philosophy and walking the talk? Well, as you know, the way we think—our philosophy of life and the world—guides our actions, motivations, beliefs, business plans, workplace productivity, interpersonal relationships, service and even our […]

Comfort Food Made From the Heart

By Janecia Britt Suzy Phipps never thought she’d have a catering business when she graduated from Florida State University with her degree in literature. Her return to Tallahassee after being whisked off to accompany her husband, a land manager, to Colorado was when Suzy found her passion for cooking. Under the direction of Mark Suber […]

Tips for Handling a Toxic Coworker

By Janecia Britt At least once in their career, everyone experiences  working with a toxic person. There are many types of uncomfortable work relationships, but there are a few types of behavior that can send up immediate red flags. Beware of the colleague who talks badly about other people or the person who complains nonstop. […]


By Deanna Mims “There is no perfect way to take care of an elderly parent except with the most love and patience you are able to muster on that particular day.” –AgingCare.com Forget perfect, I would settle for consistently patient or always “minding my gap” between stimulus and response, or can’t I at least manage […]

Spring Fashion Finder

By Maria Elena Margarella The streets are your runways, so make every week Fashion Week with these peeks into what’s trending. Flower Power: Floral patterns typically gain traction around this time of year and for good reason. We’re seeing buds blooming on maxi-dresses, extra-long shirts and both casual and professional blazers. Don’t shy away from […]

Book Nook: Literature With Love

By Maria Elena Margarella Love takes many forms. Sometimes, it’s a story. From classics to poetry to recent bestsellers, here are some love stories to enamor your heart and mind. Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks: The bestselling romance novelist is at it again with his twentieth publication. This novel follows Russell Green, a 32-year-old […]

Women Who Define Beauty—Tallahassee Trendsetters  

By Maria Elena Margarella Photography by elleBelle Photography Styling by Terra Palmer and Calynne Hill Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, definitions of beauty are infinite—for everyone. As women, though, sometimes we struggle to see the beauty around and within us. To empower you to find your own beautiful definitions, we gathered some of Tallahassee’s inspiring beholders and asked them about the beauty that catches their […]

Music and Healing—the Beautiful Sound

By Keasi Smith American philosopher, psychologist and physician William James once said, “I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.” A man before his time, he already knew what scientists have since proven: music can heal us. Not only that but a speedy tempo can motivate you to run faster, a funky […]