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The Power of Abundance Philosophy: Cultivating Possibilities in the Workplace

By Dr. Michelle A. Mitcham, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, CFM Why is a business or personal philosophy so important? Are you living your philosophy and walking the talk? Well, as you know, the way we think—our philosophy of life and the world—guides our actions, motivations, beliefs, business plans, workplace productivity, interpersonal relationships, service and even our […]

Tips for Handling a Toxic Coworker

By Janecia Britt At least once in their career, everyone experiences  working with a toxic person. There are many types of uncomfortable work relationships, but there are a few types of behavior that can send up immediate red flags. Beware of the colleague who talks badly about other people or the person who complains nonstop. […]

Beauty in the Boardroom: We Need More Women In Leadership Roles 

By Janecia Britt America hit a milestone in 2016: The most female CEOs ever. According to CNN Money, there are now 27 women at the helm of America’s largest publicly traded companies. It’s a new record for women in business, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. It’s also 22% more than last year, but women […]