3 Freeing Hair Cuts to Try This Summer

By Janecia Britt

As the temperature rises, having long hair can feel unbearable and unmanageable. This is the time to let go of your inhibitions, be courageous and let the scissors decide on a new do’ for you. There are so many trendy styles out there but we’ve rounded up the trendiest styles for you to consider this summer.

Pixie Cut

This one is a classic but it never gets old. You can super short or even keep bangs to make the style more feminine. If you want to got to town and really free yourself from the weight of hair then channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and chop it all off.


The Lob

We know. What is a lob? It’s the short way of saying a long bob. This style typically hits right above your shoulders and works for both short and curly hair. and is a great low maintenance style.



Not ready to let go of your luscious locks? Simply ask your hairstylist to add some layers and lighten the load of having your hair heavy on your head. Layers are a great way to switch up your hair but not completely lose the length.

Spring Fashion Finder

By Maria Elena Margarella

The streets are your runways, so make every week Fashion Week with these peeks into what’s trending.

Flower Power: Floral patterns typically gain traction around this time of year and for good reason. We’re seeing buds blooming on maxi-dresses, extra-long shirts and both casual and professional blazers. Don’t shy away from floral

accessories either—anything from

hairpieces to pretty purses are known to pop with a little perennial love. Think color! Let nature inspire you, and blossom your personality.

Stripe Time: This trend is not just your classic vertical lines. It’s much more diverse. Color-blocking patterns, pop culture overlays and banker stripes have all stepped out this season. Different themes have also drawn their lines in the sand—er, fabric? Nautical, psychedelic, glitter glam and retro leather outfits are waiting for your closet. Go for it! Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, jagged—whatever direction they’re going, the stripes are going in style.

Work Wear Winners: We all know that the right work outfit helps us feel more confident in the workplace. This season’s trends are bound to beat the office blues. Shirt dresses with long sleeves command authority while retaining feminine flare. Trench coats with exaggerated buckles and extended silhouettes pair well with anything. The asymmetrical shoulder cut has also spread across the runways. Work your confidence! Colors to keep in mind: rose pink, yellow and the universally applicable khaki.

For More Than Just Athletes: As the number of female athletes increases in the nation, companies are trying to keep up. While this gives us more athletic wear overall, it’ll also contribute to the

continued rise of athleisure—a fashion trend in which clothing designed for athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as work or casual occasions. Yes, athleticism is now trendy. Strong is stylish! As the industry listens more to what workingwomen want, we benefit from these fashionable opportunities.

Women Who Define Beauty—Tallahassee Trendsetters  

By Maria Elena Margarella

Photography by elleBelle Photography

Styling by Terra Palmer and Calynne Hill

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, definitions of beauty are infinite—for everyone. As women, though, sometimes we struggle to see the beauty around and within us. To empower you to find your own beautiful definitions, we gathered some of Tallahassee’s inspiring beholders and asked them about the beauty that catches their eye.

R. Jai Gillum [First Lady of Tallahassee and Director of Foundation Affairs at Florida Dental Association]

How do you define beauty?
For me, beauty is all about feeling good about yourself. When you are confident, that spirit radiates from the inside and manifests on the outside. You feel encouraged to take pride in your appearance and take care of your body.

What are your go-to beauty products?
The most important things to me are my skin and my teeth.  I can’t live without my Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation powder, Maybelline Megaplush mascara, nude lip gloss, Neutrogena face wipes, Dove soap, and my electric toothbrush.

What and/or who makes you feel beautiful?
My husband!

What or who brings beauty to your life?
My family and my friends.

How would you define your style?
Classic. I wear a lot of black, and then I add “spice” with my accessories. I love to wear bright colored pumps or leopard print shoes.

What do you hope to see in the future when it comes to beauty and women?
While it’s definitely getting better, I want to see more diversity in fashion and beauty products. Seeing someone who looks like you in ads and on the runway can be validating, and I think it’s also important for girls and young women.  I am an average-sized, dark-skinned woman, and I will always support brands and businesses that provide options for me.

Brady Thompson [Realtor]

How do you define beauty?
I think my outward beauty is defined by my self-awareness, self-approval, and self-validation. I certainly love to hear from my husband that I’m beautiful…but feeling confident is really what helps me feel beautiful.

What are your go-to beauty products?
I have always been a “less is more” kind of girl when it comes to beauty products. My list of go-to beauty products is not very long, but it is essential. I LOVE Burberry’s FRESH GLOW Highlighting Luminous Pen. I inherited dark under-eye circles, so after some moisturizer and concealer, I quickly finish off with the Luminous Pen to give my eyes the “I’m awake!” look. Also, two of my daily favorites are the Burberry Gloss in Rosewood and a bit of Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne. One thing I simply couldn’t live without is Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. These towelettes remove every trace of makeup and include a moisturizer that leaves my face feeling hydrated. Besides the tangible products that I use on a daily basis, my other beauty necessities include plenty of sleep, a lot of water and regular exercise!

What makes you feel beautiful?
Brett, my husband, often tells me I’m beautiful. I love that he enjoys enhancing my beauty by buying me nice things…like my Chanel bag. That’s always a bonus!
As a child I would hear my mother say that “pretty is as pretty does,” and at the time I thought she was referencing appearance. However, as an adult, I know that the “pretty” she was referring to was having a beautiful heart. Doing for others and living a purposeful life is what really makes me feel beautiful.

How would you define your style?
I am constantly refining my style as I age and travel. I tend to lean away from a real tailored look and to go for a more sophisticated casual look. I also love to take comfortable risks, and I’ll often throw on an unexpected piece to finish an outfit. I think Tallahassee does a good job letting women dress to their liking…There’s just not a whole lot of pressure to always conform. I think it’s so important to always be true to your own style.

What or who brings beauty to your life?
My children, Isabel and Everett, bring the greatest beauty to my life. Watching them grow and find joy and purpose in their lives is truly a beautiful thing.

Juli Downs [Manager of Narcissus]

How do you define beauty?
True beauty begins with kindness and a good heart. I have devoted my professional life to helping women match their outer beauty to their inner beauty. I love it when women feel as beautiful as they are.

What are your go-to beauty products?
I love Smith & Colt lip gloss and nail lacquer. I also love Armani foundation and Oribe hair products.

What makes you feel beautiful?
My family! But in the world of fashion…what makes me feel beautiful is being put together head to toe. An outfit doesn’t have to be dressed up, just thought out. No matter if the occasion is work, drinks with the girls, a formal affair, or the grocery store—hair, makeup, and the right outfit are #Stylegoals.

What or who brings beauty to your life?
My friends and family are the beauty!
Great clothes, bags, and accessories are the icing on the cake!

How would you define your style?
Trending classics. Simple, clean, and elegant.
I also think we should have fun with fashion. Don’t lock yourself into one style.  Be open-minded. If you hear yourself keep saying, “That’s not me!” Maybe it should be!

What do you hope to see in the future when it comes to beauty and women?
I wish that all women could see themselves as a canvas with so many possibilities! To see the beauty they bring to the world.
We are hard on ourselves…Be confident and strong—that is beautiful!









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