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Florida State Parks—Fall Day Trips

By Rebecca Pringle

The Florida Panhandle is an amazing area, and Tallahassee is uniquely situated to take advantage of the best it has to offer. This includes Florida’s State Parks. Florida has one of the best state park systems in the country with over 170 parks throughout the state. With cooler temperatures and changing leaves, fall is one of the best seasons to picnic at a state park, or make a day trip getaway.

If you love the beauty of gardens, then Alfred B. Maclay Gardens is a sight to see. The gardens themselves contain picturesque fountains and walkways and a historic home available for touring during the high blooming season from January to April. Throughout the park are picnic areas, and nature trails for walkers, bikers, and equestrians. Another park feature, Lake Hall allows opportunities for swimming, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. The park also hosts numerous events throughout the year.

If you like history, Natural Bridge Battlefield and San Marcos de Apalache are the places to go. Natural Bridge Battlefield is the site of the second-largest Civil War battle in Florida. Confederate soldiers successfully defended it from Union troops and Tallahassee remained the only Confederate capital east of the Mississippi River not captured by Union forces. Natural Bridge is surrounded by picnic tables, fishing areas, and woodlands that offer a place to relax and reflect on history.

San Marcos de Apalache has played home to many different groups of people throughout its history, from the time of the Spanish explorers to present day. The park offers a museum with artifacts unearthed near the fort, a video about the history of the park, guided tours, interpretive trails, and picnic and fishing areas.

If you prefer natural history then Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological Site may be the place for you. The Lake Jackson Mounds is one of the most important archaeological sites in Florida. The park features four earthen temple mounds, the earthen equivalent of the Mayan pyramids in Central America. There are many different trails that go throughout the park, many areas for bird and wildlife viewing and guided tours are available as are picnic areas.

Looking for a scenic place to exercise? Tallahassee–St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail is your ride. Running 20.5 miles from the state capital to the coast, this trail follows a historic railroad corridor. The first rail-trail in Florida’s system of greenways and trails to be paved, it is the perfect place to go jogging, biking or just take a walk.

Whatever your interest, the Florida State Park System has something to pique it. For more information, you can look up these parks at

3 Freeing Hair Cuts to Try This Summer

By Janecia Britt

As the temperature rises, having long hair can feel unbearable and unmanageable. This is the time to let go of your inhibitions, be courageous and let the scissors decide on a new do’ for you. There are so many trendy styles out there but we’ve rounded up the trendiest styles for you to consider this summer.

Pixie Cut

This one is a classic but it never gets old. You can super short or even keep bangs to make the style more feminine. If you want to got to town and really free yourself from the weight of hair then channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and chop it all off.


The Lob

We know. What is a lob? It’s the short way of saying a long bob. This style typically hits right above your shoulders and works for both short and curly hair. and is a great low maintenance style.



Not ready to let go of your luscious locks? Simply ask your hairstylist to add some layers and lighten the load of having your hair heavy on your head. Layers are a great way to switch up your hair but not completely lose the length.

The Power of Abundance Philosophy: Cultivating Possibilities in the Workplace

By Dr. Michelle A. Mitcham, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, CFM

Why is a business or personal philosophy so important? Are you living your philosophy and walking the talk? Well, as you know, the way we think—our philosophy of life and the world—guides our actions, motivations, beliefs, business plans, workplace productivity, interpersonal relationships, service and even our hearts. How can an individual or a business increase the bottom line? The current organizational leadership research commonly focuses on the triple bottom line, the more comprehensive, abundance-philosophy term, to include people, profit and the planet. There are a plethora of resources available once the mind-set or paradigm shift is focused on abundance. Conversely, scarcity philosophy focuses on what is missing, what we don’t have or what the business is lacking— comparing ourselves and businesses to others, focusing on deficits and limitations. The philosophy of scarcity will paralyze a business, an individual or a relationship. Expanding our thinking and removing limits, barriers and unreasonable expectations are great first steps to embracing the philosophy of the abundance thinker and taking things to the next positive level.

An abundance thinker focuses on possibilities, faith and optimism, while the scarcity thinker focuses on limitations and pessimism. The following quote captures the focus of the philosophy of abundance and the message of this article: “Plant the seeds of abundance and water the garden of your mind.” –Tavia Rahki Smith, BS, MS, MS, RYT

Strategies for Cultivating Abundance Thinking and Possibilities:

A – Adapt to change and be open to possibilities. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut, a regimented or strict way of doing things. Not being adaptable contributes to limiting the possibilities in our lives and businesses. Talk to a friend, colleague or personal coach to develop strategies for trying new ways of doing things.

B – Be a visionary and dream beyond limits. See the possibilities and know that dreaming doesn’t cost a penny and that you should never be afraid to dream. Sometimes we surround ourselves with scarcity-mind-set people who cannot see our dreams; be careful of this.

U – Unconditional positive regard for others—employees, colleagues, family and business partners. Exemplifying unconditional positive regard for our team members and associates communicates care and respect. This professional disposition and attitude contribute to an atmosphere conducive to possibility and embracing new ideas.

N – Never be overly attached to one idea. Use the creative brainstorming strategy of SCAMPER to think outside of the box for abundant possibilities. To SCAMPER an idea means to Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to other uses, Eliminate or Reverse the idea. This tool opens up possibility thinking.

D – Develop yourself and others. Investing in yourself is critical to your success, retooling, both personally and professionally. Professional and personal development renews our thinking, ideas, self-awareness, goals, motivation, talent, skill sets, relationships and communication skills. Investing in your talent development, as well as others, increases the possibilities for success.

A – Assert yourself and your ideas. Always use your voice. It takes effective communication and courageous conversations. Develop a philosophy of abundance. The difficult dialogue will occur when you decide to change your way of doing or being in any situation. Others may be uncomfortable, but your display of assertiveness in a positive way may very well lead and pave the way for others to walk the talk and be more assertive.

N – Negotiate. Do you look at what’s in the best interest of the team, the business, the family or the relationship? Practicing interest-based negotiation empowers all to focus on win-win outcomes for everyone. Looking at all perspectives opens and expands the possibilities. True interest-based negotiation does not allow for anyone to be stuck in their position.

C – Collaborate and communicate. Working with others and recognizing their talents and contributions are key to any successful personal or professional relationship. Authentic communication and collaboration contribute to innovative ideas and a new vision.

E – Expand your thinking, circle of influence, activities, mindfulness, vision and operational definitions regarding expectations and possibilities. Expand your heart and mind to welcome all the blessings of the philosophy of abundance.